Thursday, October 3, 2013

The security implications of the US Government shutdown

Well, after much encouragement from friends and colleagues, I have created a new home in this blog.  Welcome to the inaugural edition!

What better to tackle than one of my favorite targets of high noise and low signal? Let's take a slightly different look at the government and their latest schoolyard sandbox silliness; their inability to agree on a budget and shut down the government.  In all honesty, I didn't think they would get to this state.  I guessed they would cut a last minute deal and work out their differences.  Well, like five-year-old's at the playground, they have quit playing together, picked up their marbles, and gone home.  Of course, they still get paid, which is a crime in its own right; once again showing that they are willing to hurt lots of people to prove their private points as long as they are not among those truly affected.

Ok, all that aside, I didn't want to write about that issue in particular.  For those of us that have worked in the government contracting infosec space will attest, the heavy lifting of the government's computer security business is done by contractors.  Who are now out of work, afaik.  I have had client's government intel feeds say they are shutting down due to the budgetary shutdown, so I'm extrapolating a bit here.  I'm sure there may be a few projects that have some secret funding or protected funding, but I doubt they could or would talk about it either way.  Ponder both of those possibilities for a few seconds....